Close to Pegasus

 Silver blue series

" Pegasus was a winged horse that came out of Medusa when she was be-headed by Pereus. The Gorgon Medusa was once a beautiful Lybian princess. Because she was seduced by the sea god Poseidon in the temple consecrated to Athena, Athena transformed her into a monster. She had hair of serpents and anyone who looked at her face was turned into stone.
  After his birth, Pegasus lived on the Mount Helicon. One day, an ancient Greek hero whose name was Bellerophon believed that he could fly with Pegasus to Olympus, where the gods lived. To prevent him from doing that, Zeus sent a horsefly to bite Pegasus. Bellerophon lost control of his horse and fell back to Earth.
  Pegasus continued to fly alone and reached Olympus, where Zeus received him. Since then, he transports thunderbolts for Zeus, who placed his figure in the night sky in the constellation of the winged horse."


  1. Preciosa imagen, como todos tus trabajos :-)

  2. preciosa la historia, y la fotografía increíble. La mitología siempre fue inspiradora, pero desde luego tu interpretación es más que eso, te engancha y no te suelta! <3

  3. Una alegría para el alma vuestro cariño, muito obrigada pelo vosso apoio tao especial*

  4. Olá querida amiga!! Ainda bem que continuas inspirada e a partilhar estas lindas imagens. Parabéns!