The House

Somewhere during the 19th century my great-grandfather bought a country estate standing beautifully a few steps away from the river Tagus, near the city of Santar√©m in Portugal. Casal das Praias was the name of the house, guardian of an ancient sword battlefield. Decades after, in the beginning of the 20th century my grandmother gave the house new bedrooms on the left wing and a new name. Since then it’s known as Quinta das Praias

The Family, Goleg√£ 1919

The silent walls of this secular haven are witnesses of the tales of my extensive family, tales still whispered by wandering souls. Inside you can feel the moist presence of the river waters, used to flood the fertile fields around into surreal sceneries of beauty. The doors of Praias opened again to embrace new souls with sincere intentions of giving continuity to its tales and to inspire creative expression. 

 The view over the river trees


We present ourselves as the first residents of this art project, wishing to share our/other residents and guests art work, as well to expand the call to all artists to participate in the creation of a platform for exchanging views on art and life.  

Feel free to email us and visit our Beach Farm!

Resident artists Francisca Ribeiro & Jens Selin 
Portrait by Raquel Fialho